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Omar Syndicate (and our previous incarnations, Wrath of Korriban, Iniquitous Agenda, Collective, and The Ebon Wraiths) has existed since launch. We have always been a heavy roleplay guild, with a primary focus on adherence to lore and immersion within the game's universe. The guild's officers and members RP daily, incorporating lore and atmosphere into our RP to attempt to bring the world of SWTOR to life.  We focus on lore accurate, Sith-focused roleplay taking place in the Knights of the Fallen Empire timeline.

We are primarily a RP guild, but most of our members enjoy playing the OOC portion of the game as well. While we are focused on recruiting and roleplaying for the moment, in the past we have run operations and ranked warzone groups and there's a good chance we will do so in the future. However, RP will always come first for us. We aren't the sort to put more importance on gearing up than RPing.

-[ IC Background ]-

Crawling out from the corpse of the Sith Empire, the Omar Syndicate rose up under the shadow of the Zakuul.

Elite members of the Sith hierarchy, who had direct ties to the Imperial Intelligence program known as Operational Management and Advanced Research, found that they exhausted themselves defending the ashes of their fallen empire. They then decided to instead pool their resources from the defunct intelligence program to benefit from the turmoil engulfing the galaxy. Led by the their risen leader, Syrine, the organization began to thread the strings of the many puppets they intended to control.

Syrine became the organizations focus of power, serving as a demigod for the group that would lead to a plethora of scientific perversions carried out in her name. Cultists dedicated to her began to crop up, prisoners found themselves sacrificed to dark machines intended to preserve the Leader's supremacy and perceived divinity. Even worse, dark pacts were being made behind closed doors with forgotten horrors in the effort of ensuring that the Omar would linger long past any of their rivals.

At that point, nothing seemed to be out of reach for the Omar, as they burrowed their fingers deep into activities considered to be both legal and illicit. Arms smuggling, slave trading, mercenary contracting, bounty hunting, assassination, political bribery, and a multitude of other operations became their bread and butter. Loyalty became defined as profit. Honor became defined as convenience. Religion became a mix of what Syrine demanded and what was left of the Sith teachings that was allowed to be preserved.

Absorbing the assets of the defunct Wrath of Korriban movement, the Omar found themselves in possession of key sites throughout the galaxy. Each of these locations was slowly converted into complexes to house the atrocities the Omar had planned to unleash upon the galaxy, with their base of operations and manufacturing center located on the planet Omar.

Using a unique network of proxies, the Omar began to fund operations to have both private and public faces. VoriCorp became their prized corporate front, serving as a means to barter with both sides of any conflict while remaining neutral and keeping in line with the organizations own interests.

Ultimately, the Omar served themselves before anyone else. While they may have been a nightmare to some, they were a revelation to others. Beyond that, they have embedded themselves into the throat of the galaxy and are showing no signs of leaving any time soon.

If our guild premise and OOC mindset are of interest to you, or if you'd like to learn more, simply click on the "Forums" button above and navigate to the "Guild Information" section. If you'd like to apply to join the guild, click the "Application" button to be taken to our brief application. Additionally, if you have any questions you can contact any one of our officers in game or on Enjin; all of them are always willing to help. 

Officers: Olyvia (Beltane), Vedris (Vexos), Lelith (Hesperax), and Eisheth (Naha'miin).

Star Wars: The Old Republic | Ebon Hawk (Empire)

As of December 20th 2015, we are temporarily closed for applications.

Everyone is still welcome to RP with us and possibly RP your way into the guild, but we will not be accepting normal applications for a bit.

Thanks everyone!

After restructuring the guild to be Sith-focused once again, we are back open for applications.

We have a guild ship and are better than ever!

Thank you for your patience and feel free to apply!
Brynjolf Pilot Officer Raef Reannage Reporting for duty.

Applications are OPEN!

Beltane a posted Sep 28, 13
After a Summer halt on recruitment due to the business of the officers, recruitment is open again!

We have restructured the guild somewhat and in our opinion it is now better than ever.

Please feel free to catch up on guild changes and then apply
Collective isn't going anywhere, but since the officers and most of the guild core have been busy with other things this summer, we are not currently accepting new members. Sorry for any inconvenience!

It's time to move on...

Lelith a posted Apr 1, 13 a different game!

Hey everyone! On behalf of the guild leadership, I'm excited to announce that we will be switching our RP focus to Diablo 3. For a while now, we've been scouring the Internet for a suitable place that fits our RP style of "RP as you fight" and have determined that not only does Diablo 3 provide such a medium, but that the game is also great for being able to earn IRL money via the RMAH.

We encourage everyone to join us! We should make it clear that recruitment only has one slot open, and that that slot is a female barbarian. Apply now via a PM telling us why you'd make the best female barbarian!

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